Snescore (Power Edition)

by New Motive Power & The Flying Batteries

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Split EP with The Flying Batteries

Mastered by Rekapper


released 04 February 2012
New Motive Power - Tracks 1/2
The Flying Batteries - Tracks 3/4
????? - Track 5

Rekapper - Mastering



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Track Name: New Motive Power - The Escape
This is not a welcome party
It's the end, the final days
Get up, get out
Don't botter me anymore cause you're down

Make sure you leave
Everything that remind me of you
Sharp knifes, celofane
Dirty pants and tangerine

Nothing you can say will save you now
But I can't help myself

Makes no sense that
What we've done is an inertia of the past
Track Name: New Motive Power solves A Problem Like Maria - Unease (Feat. Mattir)
Sometimes I don't wanna say anything to you
Afraid of your reaction, what more could I do?

Pick me up, touch the ground, turn it on and walk around, there's nothing to see
Name your thoughts, call the shots, how in earth was I to know, when you never told me so

Baby don't leave don't say you've deceived
Too many and keep away
Baby you'll see, you'll say you believe
You know me and want to stay

After all this time behind your eyes, lies
How can you not believe me, we are nothing but fools

Ah, the wait is over now
I can't fix this, I will break it
Unease desire for you now
We can't fix this, we will break it

Can't help it, I won't bare it
There's nothing more that I could take
One moment, one second to speak out the truth
Track Name: The Flying Batteries - Passion
Here we are again
to begin our lives together
For another chance of love and life
I'd start this over again
I'm falling behind
In a blinding race to the end
I never want this night
To come to an end

Still I wait for you
Where I always do
Still I wait for you
And I always will

You don't feel the same
You have no passion for this game
There's a hatred in your eyes
Behind your loving smile

Still the roads we used to walk
Just don't feel the same
I never want this place
To change at all
Track Name: The Flying Batteries - Rabbit Hole
"Come along now
Or you'll be left behind"

There's stars out tonight
But we're trapped in the rabbit hole
Our hands to our chests
We'll never bleed again
These walls hold a secret
Of innocence being lost
Our last wandering desire
To feel whole again

There's someone in the hall
The lights gone out again
The shadows turn all around
They'll never bleed again
There's someone in the hall
The lights gone out again
To shadows turn all around
We must know enough we must know

To feel anything at all
I wanted to believe in you
But all I have and need
Is right here right now

There's stars out tonight