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Here We Go Again

by New Motive Power

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New Motive Power é membro do The Hai, um coletivo de músicos de diferentes partes do mundo que se juntaram com o intuito de ajudar uns aos outros produzindo, promovendo e lançando suas músicas.


New Motive Power is a member of The Hai, a collective of musicians from different parts of the world; having joined together with the intent of helping each other produce, promote, and release their music.



released May 12, 2014

Escrito, produzido e mixado por New Motive Power
Masterizado por Rekapper


Written, produced and mixed by New Motive Power
Mastered by Rekapper



all rights reserved


New Motive Power Brazil

An interesting thesis on nuclear power, available on tape.

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Track Name: Lies
In my world I couldn't help myself
From drowning in your lies
Well, I fought and tried to contain
All these feelings deep inside
Feel so alone and surrounded by your excuses
As you're buying some time to prove it

Unlock your guns
And show your knives
'Cus tonight
We fight, we drown, we storm

As I walk through shattered glass
All I see is your face in a mess
If my words couldn't hold anymore
Would you just fall on the floor?
And as I stumble upon your meanings alone
I see you're still buying time to prove it

Close your eyes, make a stand before the door shuts
It's not easy to restrain deep inside
You've found the answer
Track Name: Guilty Pleasure
Sometimes I can't find the things that I wanna do
One thing that I'm sure (I'm what you've been asking for)
You're going to rock my world (And that's what I've been looking for)

I can't wait to have you in my arms
Something tells me this will be alright

There's something about you girl that makes me wanna go crazy
And I'm going to rock your world keeping you satisfied, yeah

Something tells me this will be alright
I won't leave until you're satisfied
Track Name: Control
A lack of confidence, a lack of self control
I need to find some time before my head explodes
I need to find someone that can give true love
But if you bring me sin, then you can count me in

I wanna make a life that's based on all the lies
This lack of self esteem makes me wanna choke
Before it dies again, this time you'll comprehend
This path is torn apart, I want complete control
Track Name: Rain
Spent the week on fire and feeling late
Friday night in my car, get out of my way
Feel the burning in my guts, I can't control it
Come home a little early when you are told

i'm gonna rain over you

Won a race that only are 2 competing
Ran 900 miles without speaking
Catch the best of your breath, fuel to me
Throw me to the ground and I'm still kicking it

We’re walking in the sun
You’re the only one
Track Name: Sweet Sensation
Don't let nobody tell you what you should decide
If you held my hand now, baby
I'd take you to the stars above
I wanna taste that sweet sensation

I will never stop - Honey, to please you
Hit right on the spot - Baby I need you
Take me to the top - With your indian flavor
Give me all you got - I want that sweet sensation

All your dreams are not illusions
I am the oasis to your desert
If you taste the water, baby
I'll take you to the stars above
I wanna taste that sweet sensation
Track Name: Rage
Your words are laughing inside my head
And you, you say you're sorry
And now I know your eyes will show
You're wasting your precious time
And you will surrender before it's all over
And now I'm just laughing
You know I'm begging darling

Where is the meaning?
Where is the notion?
The doors are shutting again
Under these waves I'll sleep
Upon this bed I'll drawn
Before the ocean, strikes above me
I want to believe in another way to kill me

It takes my pride, my honor, my life
And you are sitting there
And now I know this acts will show
You're wasting your precious time
And you will surrender before it's all over
And now I'm just laughing
You know I'm begging darling